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Covid 19 – Safety Measures

Making our vision of a stronger, healthier Circus Dream a reality.

Here at Circus Dreams we are thrilled to be welcoming back many familiar and new faces through our doors. Whilst we are excited to see you all, we would like to introduce you to our health and safety measures in place, following government guidelines on Coronavirus, Covid- 19 for extra curricular and sporting activities, keeping your young people, and us grown ups safe and healthy!

? On Arrival – please note there will be a queuing system in place. Parents / carers and students will safely social distance to be registered for their camps. We appreciate everyone is excited and wish to register your children safely in an ordered fashion.

? Sanitation System – please use the Anti bacterial hand gel provided when greeting our staff and helping your child with their belongings.

? Admittance – we will not be able to have parents and carers entering the training space. This is to minimize the amount of people in the space at any one time and helps everyone physically distance themselves. You will of course get to wave your goodbyes and hear all about the fun your children have had at the end of the day.

? In the building – staff will be recording the cleaning of the facilities including the training spaces and toilets and eating area. This will happen Before camp, during the day at timed intervals, and at the end of each day.

? Equipment – All of our equipment has been vigorously cleaned and disinfected ready to greet you all. It will be cleaned between uses and our staff have been trained to ensure that equipment remains as germ free as possible for your young people to have fun whilst you rest assured their health is our number one priority.

? Snacks and lunches – we remind all parents that children are required to bring a snack and lunch with them as well as enough water for the day. Whilst we share smiles and waves, we will be reminding children that now is a time for sticking to their own lunches and encourage you to remind them of this too (perhaps during breakfast in the morning would be a good time).

? Personal Scooters/ bikes – it is fantastic that your young people are so active when travelling to Circus. Please can we remind you that we are unable to take these items into the space as they are bulky items which can cause trips/ slips, as well as carrying potential germs.

? Poorly Children – it is fantastic how strong many children’s immune systems are and we know that sniffles and coughs can appear. But we will emphasise that we will be strict if anyone falls unwell for the health of everyone. Children will be shown care and attention, but if a child is showing signs of being too unwell to attend camp then we will call parents for collections.

? Smiles – we encourage smiling at Circus Dreams. For many children they have missed Friends and their schools/ activities. Now is the time more than ever to show them happiness and that we can learn safely and have fun.

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